Christmas Chronicles Winners!

CC1Thank you so much to all of you who joined us last week for The Christmas Chronicles. What I’ve loved most about the three Chronicles events (Hope Chronicles in 2012, Trust Chronicles in 2013, and Christmas Chronicles in 2014) is the spirit of community that has blossomed each time. The five of us are so blessed by your comments and participation. I wish you could see some of the tearful and prayerful emails that fly behind the scenes before, during, and after these events. It’s been clear–almost since day one–that you are as much a part of this experience as any of us. So, whether this was your first Chronicles, or your third, we are all blessed by your participation. 

In case you’re just stepping into this, let me tell you that The Christmas Chronicles was a blog hop between 5 historical romance authors. Our historical heroines composed letters (with our help, of course) and we chose ornaments that matched the spirit of their stories. Each day, a new Christmas Chronicles post went live, complete with a letter and a giveaway.

The giveaways are now closed, but you can still read each of the beautiful letters at the links below!

Now to announce the winners! All winners will be contacted by email.

For the overall Christmas Chronicles grand prize, the winner is Chris Bures!

Monday, December 1st: Regina Jennings (Heroine: Abigail Calhoun, A Most Inconvenient Marriage) ~ the winner is Carrie M.!

Tuesday, December 2nd: Joanne Bischof (Heroine: Sarah Miller, This Quiet Sky) ~ the winner is Kathleen Belognia!

Wednesday, December 3rd: Amanda Dykes (Heroine: Aria St. John, Bespoke) ~ the winner is Doris Reedy!

Thursday, December 4th: Karen Barnett (Heroine: Abby Fischer, Out of the Ruins) ~ the winner is Judy Mayhak!

Friday, December 5th: Sarah Sundin (Heroine: Grace Kessler, Where Treetops Glisten) ~ the winner is Vicki Wurgler!

Congratulations to the winners! And may we all celebrate the “good news of great joy” this blessed season! 


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