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Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 11.23.36 AMLet’s be honest here–I might not be the best person to advise new writers, as I still consider myself a “newbie.” Writing instructor Randy Ingermanson compares the journey toward publication as being similar to a high school–you might be a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. According to his framework, I’ve only recently graduated.

But, since some of you may be freshmen or sophomores–I may have a few nuggets of wisdom that can help you along your path.

1. Study your craft. Here are some of my favorite writing books:

2. Follow agents’ and writers’ blogs to learn what is going on in the publishing world. Here are some great ones:

3. Join the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). They have many fantastic offerings for writers, including a wonderful e-mail loop where members can ask questions and join in the discussions. Also, look for local writing organizations that can help you make connections with writers in your region. I love my local group, Oregon Christian Writers.

4. Go to a conference! I can’t emphasize this one enough–attending a national conference (Mount Hermon) showed me how to take my writing from dream to a reality. They’re expensive, but it is SO worth it. Here are some of the best.

5. Join a critique group. It’s important to have others read your writing and give you honest feedback. Someone other than your mom! Critique groups can either be on-line or in person. I like the face-to-face contact of a local group, but that’s not always possible. It is important that others in your group write the same genre and are at a similar writing level. I recommend reading B.J. Taylor’s book, The Complete Guide to Writers Groups That Work.

6. If you would like more tips, check out some of these blog posts.

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