Video Content

I n June of 2015, I recorded several videos for Kristy Cambron’s blog feature, Video Cafe. In this one, I’m discussing my new novel, Beyond the Ashes.

Kristy asked me to answer the question, “What scripture is ministering to you right now?”


Talking about my favorite book of all time.

And, “Something your readers don’t know about you.”


In September of 2013, I sat down for a lengthy interview with Dianne Burnett of to talk about the release of my debut novel, MISTAKEN. In this 15 minute interview, we talk about the inspiration behind Mistaken,  my upcoming Golden Gate Chronicles series, and what other story ideas are rattling around in my head.

My debut novel, MISTAKEN, released in July 2013 from Abingdon Press. Back when I was working on the manuscript, I had fun experimenting with making book trailers and videos. Below are two of my attempts. Enjoy!

Want to know what inspired MISTAKEN? Learn the story behind the story. (Completed back when manuscript was called First Impressions.)

I can’t say enough good things about the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, held every year around the Palm Sunday weekend. Here’s a video interview of me talking about my Mount Hermon experience (recorded April 2010).