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A Cover Reveal (Coming Soon), an Announcement, and a Giveaway!

Interested in a sneak peek at my next book cover? When my editor first sent the cover image of Through the Shadows to me, my jaw dropped. I actually squealed! Abingdon always does great covers, but this one is unique. It will turn heads. I’m determined not to spoil the surprise. If you want to be one of the […]

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One Family’s Link to the 1906 Earthquake

One exciting thing about being an author is meeting readers who connect with your books because of their own family histories. After publishing my Prohibition-era novel, Mistaken, I heard from readers who remembered their parents or grandparents telling stories of illegal stills, a family bootlegger, or having worked as federal Prohibition agents. Many of these stories […]

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Behind and Ahead, Part 1

I’m not much for resolutions, but I love to take the first few days of the year to look behind and look ahead. It’s good to look back and count your blessings. It’s also good to look ahead and dream about what might be in store. So, what happened in 2014? I’m only going to hit […]

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GIVEAWAY celebrating MISTAKEN’s Cascade Award!

I just returned from the Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference, and I’m thrilled to announce that my debut novel, MISTAKEN, took home a Cascade Award in the Published Historical Fiction Category. [In celebration of this win, I’m hosting a special GIVEAWAY. The winner can choose either a copy of Mistaken or my newest release, Out […]

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Fantastic 1920s Launch Party for Mistaken

On July 16th, we celebrated the launch of my debut novel, Mistaken, with a huge 1920s party. It took quite a bit of planning and preparation, and I must confess–I did much of my research on the internet. From Pinterest, to blogs, to Google… the ideas were out there! Now, in homage of all those […]

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Old-Time Soda Fountain Drinks @Home: The Brown Cow

While writing my Prohibition-era novel, Mistaken, I did plenty of research on 1920s soda fountains. And tasty research it was, too! If you’ve always wanted to sample some of these old favorites, you’re in luck. I’m going to be running a series of posts on old-time soda fountain recipes you can make @home. Just so […]

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