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Binge Reader Giveaway

Binge Readers Giveaway

Do you ever have those weeks when events collide and blessings overflow? As most of you know, I’m currently writing a new book series, The Vintage National Parks novels. Maybe you also know that my last series was set around the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. What you might not know is that this week is […]

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The winner of A Novel Gift

A Novel Gift

I’m excited to announce that the winner of the giveaway of “A Novel Gift” is . . . Cyndi Wilson! Congratulations, Cyndi! I hope you love this boxful of goodies and the copy of Through the Shadows. I had such fun picking out five special treats that would enhance the story, helping readers experience it at […]

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Visit the Story Setting: Donaldina Cameron House

Every novel has a seed of inspiration that launches the author into storytelling mode. For Through the Shadows, it was the story of the great San Francisco missionary, Donaldina Cameron. Cameron, a tireless servant of Christ, rescued as many as 3,000 victims of human trafficking in Chinatown in the early 1900s. While most people turned a blind eye to […]

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Book Giveaway Winners!

5-Book Giveaway Winners I’m pleased to announce the winners from my recent Through the Shadows 5-book giveaway and blog tour. Thanks to everyone who entered! Congratulations to the winners: Kathleen Anderson, Anita Heath, Melissa Morr, Lucy Reynolds, and Loraine Nunley. My publicists from Litfuse Publicity Group will be in touch via email with details on how […]

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Have you heard? It’s a Book-Selfie Giveaway!

Book-selfie giveaway

The last couple of months have been packed. Plenty of crazy mom stuff, like dance competitions, prom preparations, overnight field trips, and–get this for wild–putting blue dye in my teen daughter’s hair. As a writer, it’s been equally crazy: conferences, writing, editing, and deadlines. Here are a few of the big highlights and a fun book-selfie GIVEAWAY! BOOK […]

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Cozy Reader Giveaway — WINNERS!

I’m excited to announce that our Cozy Reader Giveaway is complete and we have eight winners! I’ll post the results below, in case you’re straining your eyes trying to read the photograph. But, even if you didn’t win–I still have good news for you. Just before typing this announcement, I received a text from my […]

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BIG “Cozy Reader” Gift Giveaway!

Love to read? Know someone who does? This may be the perfect giveaway for you. As a way to thank all of you readers out there for supporting me, I’m doing a massive giveaway. Ready? I was trying to come up with all the things you might need to make for a cozy reading experience, […]

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Through the Shadows: The Golden Gate Chronicles, Book 3

THROUGH THE SHADOWS THE GOLDEN GATE CHRONICLES | BOOK 3 Brand new from Abingdon Press. (ISBN-10: 1426781458, ISBN-13: 978-1426781452) Available now! As San Francisco rises from the ashes, an age-old battle looms between corruption and the promise of new beginnings. The devastating earthquake is just two years past, but the city of San Francisco is still trying […]

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Are you ready for a cover reveal???

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and private messages from those of you who were treated to the special subscriber-only cover reveal for Through the Shadows: Golden Gate Chronicles 3 in Tuesday’s issue of the e-newsletter. Your excitement over the new cover has me dancing with glee! I’d hoped readers would like it, but the […]

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A Cover Reveal (Coming Soon), an Announcement, and a Giveaway!

Interested in a sneak peek at my next book cover? When my editor first sent the cover image of Through the Shadows to me, my jaw dropped. I actually squealed! Abingdon always does great covers, but this one is unique. It will turn heads. I’m determined not to spoil the surprise. If you want to be one of the […]

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