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Reading and Writing Challenges for 2017

Writing Challenge 2017

I’ve spent today thinking about what lies ahead for 2017. Here are a few things on my list: Our oldest will graduate from high school We’ll be sending that same child off to college! Our youngest has ten gazillion dance competitions and performances coming up I have a book deadline . . . . . . and […]

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Christian Media: What’s Changed and What Hasn’t?

“The only constant in life is change.” Whether that quote is attributed to François de La Rochefoucauld (1600s) or Heraclitus of Ephesus (500-400 BC), it doesn’t make it any less true. And it’s never been more true than now. Wait…does that even make sense? What I mean to say is, the statement is true in today’s […]

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Writer’s Coffee Shop with Sherry Kyle

One thing I enjoy most about being a writer is hanging around with other creative individuals–people who understand talking to imaginary friends and who stop to jot down plot ideas in the middle of a conversation. I intend to make “Writer’s Coffee Shop” a regular feature on my blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy meeting some of my writer friends as we […]

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Weary Writer? Time to Recharge!

I’ve taken it easy the last couple of weeks, relaxing as the flurry of book launch activities has died down. Signings, FB parties, interviews, radio–it was all a bit intense. Good, but intense. There are still a few media things floating around out there, but the pace has slowed down. To be honest, I was […]

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My best ideas come to me in the shower. How about you?

Somewhere between the shampoo and the conditioner the idea hit me: the perfect solution to the plot problem I’d been wrangling with the past few weeks. My mind zeroed in on different scenarios. “And then the hero could do THIS. Woo-hoo, wouldn’t the heroine hate that? She’d react like this… And then in the next […]

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Fantastic 1920s Launch Party for Mistaken

On July 16th, we celebrated the launch of my debut novel, Mistaken, with a huge 1920s party. It took quite a bit of planning and preparation, and I must confess–I did much of my research on the internet. From Pinterest, to blogs, to Google… the ideas were out there! Now, in homage of all those […]

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5 Ways to Help an Author

A lot of friends have asked, “How can I help you get the word out about Mistaken?”With millions of books being published (as many as 3,000,000 in 2012 according to one source), “disoverability” is key. How does a new author hope to get their book into the hands of readers? To help an author you admire, […]

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An Interview with Ace Collins, Suspense Author

I recently had the opportunity to interview best-selling (and award-winning) suspense author, Ace Collins. Ace has published more than 60 titles, including The Stories Behind The Best-Loved Songs of Christmas, Farraday Road, and Jefferson Burke and the Secret of the Scroll. Ace frequently speaks across the country and on radio and has appeared on national […]

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My five favorite writing tools

Every writer has their own favorite things–the tools of the trade which help them shine. Here are a few of mine. Laptop Cushion. Yes, I know they CALL them laptops, but after a few hours they turn into toast-your-thigh-tops. Also, the cushion lifts the computer up to a more comfortable height for typing. I’m not […]

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12 Ideas to Fertilize Your Writing Muse

December 12, 2012–the day many people have been anticipating for… well, probably for a few weeks. Since the last interesting number date, like 10-11-12, or something. My agriculturally-minded friend Arwen (owner of The Tech Chef) posted to Facebook that 12-12-12 is also a common type of fertilizer (12% nitrogen, 12% phosphorus, and 12% potassium). So […]

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