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OUT OF THE RUINS THE GOLDEN GATE CHRONICLES | BOOK 1 Published 5/2014 by Abingdon Press. (ISBN: 9781426780578,ISBN: 9781426787331) A shaky prayer. A shattered faith. A city in ruins. What–or who–will bring Abby back to God? “God save her. I’ll do anything. Just make her better. And You’d better be listening, God, because if You dare take […]


MISTAKEN  (Published 2013, Abingdon Press). Since booze and prohibition have made criminals out of every man in her world, Laurie Burke resolves to find at least one honorable man to fill her life. Convinced that handsome newcomer Daniel Shepherd is connected with her brother’s rum-running gang, Laurie quickly scratches his name off her list. Daniel […]

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Book Pick: Dancing on the Head of a Pen by Robert Benson

Over the years I’ve recommended many writing aids–books to assist with plotting, characters, or navigating the publishing world. Today I want to recommend a book for inspiration. Dancing on the Head of a Pen: The Practice of a Writing Life is a wonderful journey into the heart and mind of a writer. Written by Robert Benson, […]

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Shaking it up: Comparing the 1906 and 1989 Earthquakes

Did you know today is the 25th anniversary of the Loma Prieta earthquake? I doubt folks in the Bay area are celebrating with balloons and cake, but I’ve already seen many of my friends posting the “Where were you when this happened?” type of questions on the internet. Having spent years researching the 1906 San Francisco […]

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